Stun Gun, Stun Gun for Women,Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight with 120 Lumens, Shock-Proof Plate Made of Aviation-Grade Aluminum, for Self-Defense and Female Self Protection.

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Product Features

?SAFE PROTECTION?:This stun gun has been tested and improved many times by engineers . By using a high-frequency circuit to increase the charge output of the stun gun , it ensures that the stun gun can instantly release 1.6 µC of electric charge ,making huge noises and shocking the attacker ,or causing the attacker to produce muscle cramps and mental dizziness within a short distance.When your family or yourself are in danger ,this legal stun gun is the most effective weapon for self-defense. ?OUTSTANDING DESIGN?: The handle of the stun gun is ergonomically designed. Allowing you to comfortably hold and smoothly use the stun gun. The shock-proof plates on the upper left and right sides of the stun gun are made of aviation-grade aluminum, making the stun gun safer. The shock-proof plates on both upper sides can produce high-voltage shocks during use, which will not only cause the attacker's muscle to spasm, but also prevent other attackers from seizing the stun gun from your hand. ?POWERFUL LED RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT?: With a built-in high-quality battery, matched with an LED tactical flashlight, the stun gun can emit 120 lumens of brightness and produce a visual impact, which can make the attacker temporarily blind and give you more time to make judgments. The built-in battery is rechargeable with a charging cable, so you don’t have to buy a new battery. The LED flashlight can also be used for your night rides or walks to illuminate the road ahead. ?SIMPLE TO OPERATE, EASY TO CARRY?: This self-defense stun gun is easy to operate, convenient to carry. It is attached with a user manual. The steps to use electric shock are: move the slider to the top, with the red light turns on, and then press the red safety switch to use electric shock. The steps to use LED lighting are: move the slider to the middle position to use the lighting. When using an electric shock, do not touch the shock-proof plates on both sides of the upper side. ?SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE OCCASIONS and EXCELLENT SERVICE?: A stun gun with a leather holster can be carried on a belt or easily held in the hand. It can be used to protect our personal safety wherever in parks, shopping malls, or unmanned streets. We pay attention to the quality of products, and more attention to user experience. If you shall have any questions before or after purchase, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will solve the problem for you in time.