Self Defense Stick Umbrella and Sturdy Walking Stick Umbrella German Quality Wood Handle

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Product Features

??The Walking Stick Umbrella with a standard umbrella length of 90 cm (35"), gives you a noticeable extra safety because you can use it even when other aids are not allowed or possible. It is an extreme stable, fully functional, elegant umbrella an one of the most effective ways of self-protection. This special Security Umbrella is standard equipment of authorities and police, bodyguards, security staff, self-defense instructors, etc. ??If you are being attacked, with this indestructable umbrella you have a sturdy and highly effective tool for your personal protection. This will block attacks, punches, kicks, etc.,and if necessary, use it for painful hits and strikes. It makes a huge difference whether you fend off an attacker with your bare hands or a stick. ??This defensive umbrella is your perfect protector, because it does not attract attention, does not provoke anyone and in an emergency you have it at your fingertips. It increases your range, reversing your inferiority, effectively staving off even stronger attackers. Experience the effectiveness by tapping your forehead with your knuckles. Do you already feel the pain through this little influence? ??It is the solution for those who want to be safer on the go, such as seniors, women and those who are not physically fit. The application is intuitive and no previous knowledge is required. The fact that the actions of the attacker by the use of the Defense Umbrella remain ineffective (the defense is painless with the Security-Umbrella), the culprit is irritated and most attacks quickly come to an end. ??We, the manufacturer, give a life long guarantee on the stick of the self defense umbrella and we promise to care of your concerns quickly and in a very accommodating manner. After you placed your order please ask for our free digital tutorial. We will send you the download link worth US 30 for 100 % free. And our instructor will give you practical tipps on how to use this.